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Providing effective import/export solutions for New Zealand businesses trading with China

Import goods manufactured
in China

Do you have a product patent that you want manufactured or simply wish to import quality items to on-sell? NZ China Trade Consultants offer a range of services to help you find the right manufacturers. From background checks to factory inspections, we ensure you are matched with a reliable manufacturing company with the right level of production capability and quality control.

Export NZ made products
to China

China is fast becoming one of the biggest consumer markets in the world, with a growing hunger for international goods. NZ China Trade Consultants have a number of options available to assist start-up or established businesses in bringing their New Zealand made products into the Chinese market. Let us help open doors to the right distribution channels for your export brand.

China Trade

NZ China Trade Consultants is a New Zealand based sales and marketing consultancy, specialising in providing effective and efficient import/export solutions for start-up and established New Zealand companies. We operate from offices in Nelson, New Zealand and Changzhou, in the commercial powerhouse of Jiangsu province, China.